What drives us

Our core belief in producing quality research drives us to provide clients with the best possible experience and project result. Sure, there are other “vendors” and “suppliers” who can “manage your project” and provide a slide deck at the end of the project. Medpanel, on the other hand, is comprised of people who care about the outcome and the quality of work we produce. We once sat in your chair. We have a vested stake in our company and we spend your money like it is our own. We build for our clients the deliverables that we would want if we were sitting on your side of the desk. In short, we care.  

We own the research process from start to finish. We have our own panel and are experts in recruiting should a client have hard-to-find respondents. We do not hand off the recruitment piece to yet another supplier. Moderation is done in-house as is survey programming and data analysis.  

This direct contact with every part of the research process allows us to do a number of things: 

  • Ensure the deliverables we provide to clients are of the highest quality 
  • Enables us to execute projects on a tight timeline when needed; we can scope out a project for you on one day and be working on it the next
  • Engage with our clients as true partners – with our high-touch, client centric approach we become an integral part of your team 

For fifteen years, its seasoned research staff has been praised for designing market research that delivers the most insight for the dollar, and for its ability to recruit even the hardest-to-find respondents to participate in its studies. With dozens of research methodologies, thousands of past client engagements, and hundreds of thousands of expert physicians, nurses, and hospital executives, MedPanel helps its clients inform decisions at every stage of the product life cycle, from inception of an innovative idea to post-launch and beyond.

Successful Methods

Intelligent, disciplined decisions require quality insights. Our unique online panel discussions, one-on-one phone consultations, in-person interviews, and online surveys with advanced analytics all deliver results.

Medical Community

The best insights comes from asking the right people. MedPanel actively maintains a community of physicians, nurses, hospital executives, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders who we regularly turn to for insight into our clients’ most pressing problems. We can get your questions in front of the people who have the best perspective, no matter how hard they are to find.


Our veteran research team has extensive domain knowledge and experience in the design, management, and analysis of custom primary research projects, the ability to recruit the most knowledgeable and representative experts for any project, and the acquired art of eliciting valuable intelligence. For every project, our analysts review and analyze the data to provide our client with a comprehensive report with insights and recommendations.

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