Every custom research project is different, and our expert recruitment and research teams will work with you to ensure that we design the optimal approach to gathering the data you need. To give you a sense of the breadth of work we’ve conducted over the past 15 years, we’ve provided summaries of example cases below.

Business Development: Forecasting Uptake of Novel Agents

Predicting demand for a Phase II HCV drug to defend valuation in partnering negotiations

Using a combination of international thought leader interviews and a 300 physician survey, MedPanel built a robust and defendable forecast model that drove successful negotiations for our client.

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Drug Development: Clinical Trial Design Support

Testing the relevance of phase III trial endpoints with prospective prescribers

MedPanel conducted an online panel discussion with diabetes specialists to understand their perception of the client’s trial endpoints, and to discover the best strategy for communicating their trial’s benefits versus a competitor.

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Pre-Launch Planning: Reimbursement Strategy

Developing a patient assistance program to overcome reimbursement hurdles for a novel orphan drug

A dozen nurse coordinators in an online discussion helped the client develop a comprehensive assistance program based on patient needs to minimize or eliminate any reimbursement barriers for their drug rollout.

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Pre-Launch Planning: Building a Global Forecast of Uptake

Testing product positioning and impact of Phase III data on drug uptake across three major markets

MedPanel conducted five online discussions and a survey of 200 US and EU oncologists to forecast uptake of a cancer agent based the competitive landscape of other agents, the unmet needs of the market, and physicians’ perceptions of the agent and its trial results.

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Marketed Products: Understanding Customer Behavior

Understanding drivers of medical equipment purchasing

MedPanel segmented behavioral purchasing patterns of customers based on their values and preferences so that client could effectively expand services to areas of greatest opportunity.

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Marketed Products: Sales Force Planning

Assessing the impact of durable medical equipment purchasing on field sales force sizing

DME reselling was limiting the role of the client’s traditional sales force, so MedPanel combined a qualitative discussion with customers and a quantitative survey examining reselling rates to help the client approach the market in an entirely novel way.

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Marketed Products: Life Cycle Management

Identifying brand strategies for building a breast cancer patient support community

Using both interview and panel discussion methodologies, MedPanel helped the client understand the unmet needs and key challenges of the patients it served.

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