Recruitment - MedPanel

Trusted insights from a global community of specialists

Are you looking for insights from a very specific set of experts?

MedPanel hosts one of the leading international healthcare e-panels of key opinion leading and practicing physicians, scientists, hospital executives, reimbursement professionals, rare disease caregivers, and notably, patients. Their candid opinions are sought after by drug, device, diagnostic, and healthcare IT companies around the world, as well as by the financial, advertising, public relations, and publishing organizations that support them.
Our access to experts and patients extends across major and emerging markets, allowing MedPanel to quickly identify and access your target communities in virtually any medical setting anywhere.

How we select experts for your projects

With your business objectives and criteria in hand, MedPanel’s recruitment team begins a rigorous screening process. We qualify and match the most appropriate experts by accessing our robust network and a number of other resources (secondary research, publications, associations) to target your explicit scientific, clinical, and market research objectives.

Additional Recruitment Channels

Recruiting from a client list
Thought leader identification and personal outreach
Direct patient outreach
Professional organizations and advocacy groups
Participant / panelist referrals