Phone consultations are a fundamental part of Qualitative Analysis. Our research and recruitment staff can assist you with as much or as little as you need for any interview-based project. For clients needing a fast turnaround project with a small sample size, we can arrange one-on-one consultations in under 24 hours and set up a conference call to host your discussion. Clients can also choose to outsource the interview process entirely to MedPanel. In this case, we will work with you to design the questionnaire to capture the insights you need, and we will arrange and conduct the interviews with our experienced moderators. You can listen to the interviews while they are being conducted or we can provide you with audio, transcripts, or both depending on your needs.


  • We can recruit experts with whom you wish to speak either from our network, with experts you have chosen or by providing us with specific criteria by specialty, expertise, or country to help you identify the appropriate expert
  • Each conversation is unique, allowing you to explore new facets or probe deeper into particular areas of the respondent’s expertise
  • Fast turnaround gets you quick answers for time-sensitive tasks, such as investment or business development decisions

Deliverables for interviews you conduct:

  • Time and payment with the expert arranged for you ahead of your call
  • Conference call dial-in to host your discussion
  • Transcript of recorded conversation or audio file


Deliverables for interviews we conduct:

After the interviews have concluded, MedPanel delivers a full report that includes the following:

  • Overview of project
  • Interviewees’ qualifications
  • Full transcript of each interview and audio file
  • Summary of key findings
  • Deep analysis of key trends and discussion topics

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