The Streamlined Survey is a smaller, faster version of MedPanel’s traditional quantitative survey. This method is ideal for clients who need to make quick decisions backed by primary market research data. The entire survey process is condensed into approximately two weeks, allowing MedPanel to quickly provide in-depth analysis.

A 10 Day Research Process:

Phase One: 3 Business Days

  • MedPanel’s research staff works closely with you to develop a 5 minute survey based on your research objectives and screening criteria.
  • Survey questions are designed from a flexible but standardized question bank, allowing for rapid survey programming and fielding.

Phase Two: 3 Business Days

  • MedPanel fields the survey to 30 respondents in one specialty (see list on following page).

Phase Three: 4 Business Days

  • MedPanel analyzes survey data and creates a final PowerPoint report with insights.


  • Straightforward: Surveys are short and focused. Physicians are more likely to want to participate in research, allowing for data to be gathered quickly.
  • Speed: Delivery of full results in 10 business days.
  • Savings: Streamlined Surveys reduce time spent on survey design and programming, savings MedPanel passes to our clients.


  • Sanity testing: analyzing the viability of an idea
  • Business development decisions: first pass evaluations
  • Assessing initial market potential
  • Product concept or new formulation assessments
  • Getting initial results before completing more in-depth research

Physician specialties available for Rapid Surveys include the following:

Physician Specialties
Allergy/ImmunologyPrimary CareNeurologyPlastic Surgery
CardiologyGastroenterologyObstetrics and GynecologyPsychiatry
Critical Care MedicineGeneral SurgeryOphthalmology (including Retina Specialists)Pulmonary Medicine
DentistryHematologyOrthopedic SurgeryRadiation Oncology
DermatologyHematology/Oncology & Medical OncologyPain ManagementRadiology
Emergency MedicineInfectious DiseasePediatricsRheumatology
EndocrinologyNephrologyPhysical Medicine & RehabilitationUrology



  • Key data analysis designed to guide urgent decision making
  • PowerPoint report addressing research objectives
  • Blinded individual responses (Excel spreadsheet and/or SPSS

Need a faster survey?

MedPanel’s rapid survey expedites this process to execute a full survey project in 5 business days.

Contact MedPanel to discuss other ways to adapt the Streamlined Survey for your needs. We can

  • Survey length
  • Sample size
  • Therapeutic area
  • Respondent type

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