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Rare Disease Consulting, Research and Recruitment

MedPanel is an industry leader in conducting market research in the rare disease space, our project experience covers a range of diseases and includes access to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals

With over 7,000 rare diseases identified in the global rare disease database, it can be challenging to access and gain feedback from relevant patients and health care professionals

Rare disease management represents a significant medical challenge, MedPanel is here to help our clients connect with the healthcare audiences most important to them




Live Focus Group with GIST Patients

Our client was looking to understand the GIST patient journey, identify areas of unmet need and find ways to build a relationship with this patient community


Based on focus group learnings, unmet needs in the patient journey were identified

Solving these issues would have a significant impact on patients and caregivers

Addressing these problems opened a path for our client to establish a relationship with this patient community and gain a leadership role in this rare disease space



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