MedPanel’s quantitative online surveys are our most popular research methods because we deliver in-depth results quickly and efficiently. This method is ideal for corporate clients who want to understand the rate of adoption of a new product, the impact of a policy change, or attitudes toward a messaging or marketing campaign. Financial clients find these surveys useful for assessing pre-launch awareness or post-launch reception of products that may impact a company’s revenues and earnings.

Here’s how it works:

Our research staff works closely with clients to establish objectives and appropriate screening criteria. Each survey is unique, and each questionnaire is programmed by our analysts for maximum flexibility. Because we design our surveys in-house, we are able to offer many unique features including customizable design with client logos and colors, pop-up graphics or video, and dynamic dimension types such as drop-down menus, vertical attribute choice, and rating scales to gather the most comprehensive data by keeping the respondents fully engaged throughout the survey.


  • Online approach delivers speed and efficiency with a global community of healthcare professionals and patients
  • A high calibre technology platform that allows for flexible and faster programming
  • Custom design enables complex logic and programming requirements and multi-media support
  • Application of advanced analytics including conjoint analysis, multivariate surveys, choice modeling, and segmentation analyses
  • Advanced features such as branching, looping, piping, randomization, and extraction are easily implemented
  • Multi-language surveys with capabilities in more than 30 languages


  • Strategic analysis designed to guide business decisions
  • Comprehensive reports focused on bottom-line objectives
  • Summary of data (Excel spreadsheet or SPSS)
  • Descriptive statistics of demographic variables
  • Results of significance testing
  • Blinded individual responses
  • Verbatim open-ended question summaries

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