Our Panel IntelligenceTM platform for online panel discussions is one of the most efficient and effective methods of qualitative research. Here’s how our panel discussions work: After an initial kickoff meeting with our client to establish research objectives, our staff will recruit the appropriate experts to participate in a moderated online discussion. These experts will answer questions and respond to statements contributed by fellow participants. The discussions are not “live” or “real time”, but occur over a pre-determined period of days. This approach enables both participants and clients to log on to the discussion multiple times—at their convenience—affording all parties, regardless of location, the opportunity for more thoughtful consideration and exploration of pertinent issues.

Throughout these online discussions, panelists contribute often and at their convenience, a dynamic that typically results in deeper, more detailed commentary than is possible from live meetings, one-on-one phone interviews, or webcasts. Panelist and client identities are concealed to foster candid responses and a high level of interaction among participants. Clients are also able to view discussions as they unfold and suggest follow-up questions or identify areas for further exploration. Trained MedPanel moderators oversee the discussions, introduce follow-up questions, and help maintain focus.

  • A compelling, efficient method for capturing intelligence from multiple experts
  • Elicits honest, unbiased peer-to-peer interaction
  • Multi-day discussions enable follow-up questioning
  • Eliminates logistical challenges—experts can respond when it is convenient and as a result, generally spend more time and provide more thoughtful answers
  • Generates automatic documentation for efficient sharing, analysis, and reference
  • Customized to meet client needs
  • Designed to mitigate regulatory risks


After the discussion has concluded, MedPanel delivers a full report which includes the following:

  • Summary of key findings
  • Overview of project
  • Panelists’ qualifications
  • Full transcript of panel discussion

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