Janet Bernard

Janet Bernard has been an industry leader in the market research and health care consulting business for 30 years. Over that time, she has built global online healthcare communities comprising thousands of thought-leading physicians, hospital executives, and other medical professionals and has led business development, business operations, and client services in a number of companies, including as a founder and principal. Her spare time is devoted to volunteering for philanthropic and community activities.

You can reach Janet at  (617) 532-5709 or jbernard@medpanel.com

Kathleen Poulos
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Sales

Kathleen rejoins MedPanel as Senior Vice President of Healthcare Sales, bringing a deep understanding of both the pharmaceutical industry and strategies for gaining healthcare market intelligence. Kathleen’s clients will benefit from her extensive medical and marketing experience. As a registered nurse she brings first-hand knowledge of the healthcare process and as a market research professional she has an extensive background in the methodologies used to acquire healthcare market intelligence that results in actionable client insights.

Since leaving bedside nursing, Kathleen has utilized her clinical and business skills in the areas of business development, market intelligence, digital healthcare engagement and social marketing. During her tenure with Hill-Rom she managed marketing and clinical program development in the United States and various foreign markets. As a Global Marketing Manager with Baxter Healthcare, she managed patient marketing initiatives supporting the global oncology portfolio and the launch of a new hemophilia therapy.

During her past work with MedPanel, she partnered with a variety of medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help them better understand their market opportunities and the patients they serve. Kathleen’s interest in technology led her to the role of Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for InCrowd, a rapid turn-around market research platform.

As part of Hearst Healthcare, Kathleen focused on using data to improve health outcomes in the areas of health literacy and medication adherence. Most recently she was with Tea Leaves Health, a Welltok Company, working as a strategist and consultant to their hospital clients, helping them market directly to their patient community.

Kathleen holds a nursing degree from Mercy College of Ohio and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

You can reach Kathleen at (949) 285-6375 or kpoulos@medpanel.com

Mark Nissenfeld, Ph. D.
Vice President, Research

Mark Nissenfeld, Ph.D. has 30 years of experience delivering high-quality healthcare market research. Mark has well-honed skills in both qualitative and quantitative market research approaches. His deep understanding of both the science and the business of medicine has facilitated his having peer-to-peer like interactions with physicians, payers, hospital administrators, pharmacists, nurses, PAs, and patients. Clients continue to appreciate Mark’s evidence-based insights which have guided them to successful business decisions.

During his career Mark has served as a senior executive in major market research companies including President of Global Life Sciences for Total Research Corporation, COO of Global for Ziment and Associates, and Executive Vice President at RG&A. Most recently Mark has been the President of Hybrid Market Research and Consulting.

Mark earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

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