Trusted insight from a global community of experts

MedPanel’s medical community is a global e-panel of key opinion-leading physicians and scientists, community-based physicians, hospital C-level executives and decision makers, allied healthcare professionals, managed care executives, and patients. Our access to experts and patients extends across major and emerging markets, allowing MedPanel to quickly identify and access your target communities in virtually any medical setting around the world.

Custom recruitment of experts for your project

Are you looking for insight from a very specific set of experts? Caregivers for patients with a rare disease? Physicians working in a specific practice? Patients within a certain distance to a medical facility? We can help you reach them. We are happy to recruit outside of our community to reach the hardest-to-find market research participants with speed and accuracy.

How experts are selected for your projects

With your business objectives and criteria in hand, MedPanel’s experienced recruitment managers begin a rigorous screening process. We qualify and match the most appropriate experts by accessing our robust network to recruit for clients’ specific scientific, clinical, and market research objectives.

Are you an expert looking to participate in market research projects?

To learn more and to join our community of healthcare professionals and decision makers, please visit our community registration page by clicking the “Join our Community” button below.

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