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MedPanel’s global community, experienced research staff, rigorous recruiting efforts, and efficient research methods combine to produce the information our clients demand.

We specialize in gathering the necessary data to support important decisions, for both the manufacturers of drugs, devices, and diagnostic tests, and for the financial, provider, and insurance communities that support them. Our experience has been built on 3,000+ engagements with top biotech, pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, and financial companies worldwide.

Most importantly, MedPanel provides a complete solution, from questions to answers using multi-modal methods. Our talented research staff acts as an indispensable extension of your team, allowing you to focus on your critical business decisions, while simplifying and optimizing the information you need to support those decisions.

 Working across the product life cycle

Read about how we’ve helped clients at each stage of the life cycle here.

Offering a wide range of research techniques to get you the data you need

Learn about the methodologies MedPanel offers here.

 Full-service market research with flexibility to meet your needs

MedPanel is a full-service market research company. We conduct your entire project for you, from designing the data collection instrument (e.g.,surveys, questionnaires), to reporting the results in an insightful presentation.

Our exemplary research and recruitment teams will work with you to design a project and find creative solutions that fit your needs and budget.

The value of integrating your research efforts with MedPanel

Integrated research saves your company time and money, and mitigates the challenges of managing multiple vendors. Integrated research is better research, with learnings seamlessly incorporated into each subsequent phase for superior final results.

For example, a client may start with qualitative research (either interviews or a panel discussion) to understand the dynamics of the market they wish to penetrate, and to determine the drivers of product adoption. We might then take those learnings to create a quantitative survey to size the market and forecast product adoption across target segments. With your product launch, the insight we gain allows us to create a robust set of performance metrics, which we collect through ongoing tracking surveys. In this way, we provide detailed indicators of the barriers and opportunities for your product in each target segment.

Clients tell us that they save time, and money by using MedPanel as their single vendor on multi-modal projects. Even better, our clients tell us that the research we deliver is far superior to the diverse results they have to integrate when using multiple vendors.

Contact us about integrating your various research needs into an intelligent and efficient research plan.

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