We know you work hard investing in and preparing for industry conferences. Why not take the next step to assess customer reaction to your content? MedPanel, a Boston-based health care consultancy, has a proprietary program of services that can help.

Through our unique set of resources including our active panel of experts, our best-in-class recruitment team, and our in-house analysts, we can address your unique business challenges.

We can identify and recruit the stakeholders you wish to engage from any industry conference and invite them to participate in a qualitative or quantitative exercise that will give you the answers to your business questions.  Whether it be in-person interviews, an online focus group, or a survey, we can execute using the market research method that best suits your needs.

Conference market research can be used for:

  • Understanding customer reaction to conference presentations, symposia, posters, and booth
  •  Assessing the effectiveness of intended conference messaging
  • Determining anticipated customer behavioral change and follow-through
  • Capturing real-time competitive intelligence
  • Identifying questions/doubts that can be addressed by sales reps

MedPanel will work with you to develop a customized approach using a variety of methodologies:

  • Qualitative interviews
  • Quantitative survey
  • Asynchronous online panel

Recent project examples:

–        MedPanel helped a client to understand customer reaction to their own and competitor presentations and abstracts at a recent national conference. Physicians were recruited to an online panel prior to the start of the conference and committed to attending several conference presentations. MedPanel moderated an online panel focus group before, during and after the conference that prompted physicians to log in at their convenience and to give daily feedback on designated conference activities.  Results were summarized by MedPanel and presented to the client team.

–        MedPanel assisted a client with assessing the takeaway messages from their sponsored symposium at a national congress.  Physicians were identified prior to the meeting and agreed to complete a short survey the evening after the event. Survey invites were texted to physicians and responses were available by the next morning.  MedPanel summarized survey results and delivered a report two days after the event.

–        MedPanel helped a client marketing team with identifying customer objections to their own and their competitor’s key conference presentations.  Feedback was used to developed objection handling messages that were used by the client’s sales force during customer discussions.

–        MedPanel recently helped a client to assess customer reaction to a key presentation for their product and to identify anticipated changes in their treatment algorithm resulting from new knowledge gained from the presentation.  A follow-up survey was conducted three months after the presentation to follow-up on actual behavioral changes.

–        MedPanel attended a national conference and attended daily competitive intelligence briefings with the client team. MedPanel surveyed physicians who attended specific conference activities and quickly summarized results that were presented the next morning.  Results helped the client team to maximize their conversations with customers while onsite at the conference.

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