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MedPanel offers all of the traditional research modalities (surveys, interviews, live events) and any advanced analytic (conjoints, perceptual mapping, message testing, van Westendorp, etc) that your project may need. But MedPanel is unique among full-service market research providers in also offering online panel discussions as a research methodology, which can have many advantages over traditional focus groups and live meetings.

Based on your business objectives, our research team will work with you to recommend the best research design to capture the insight you need. To give you a sense of the types of projects we are regularly asked for, and some (but not all) of the commonly-used research designs we use, we’ve created the table below. Of course, every project is unique, so if you’re not sure what approach to take to get the information you need, just contact us – we would be happy to recommend some options.

Examples of Your Research NeedsQualitative Solutions
Drug Development
Product profile testing to guide development path
Panel or Interviews
Drug development guidance and clinical trial design testingPanel or Interviews
Launch Planning
Message and creative testingPanel or Live events with Message Testing
Understand barriers to purchase / prescribingPanel or Interviews
Product Management
Exploring opportunities for label expansion and reformulationPanel or Interviews
Examples of Your Research NeedsQualitative Solutions
Drug Development
Determining market size and sharePanel or Interviews
Forecast and valuation testing for business developmentPanel or Interviews
Quantify impact of brand attributes on rates of adoptionPanel or Interviews
Launch Planning
Determining optimal price pointsPanel or Live events with Message Testing
Product Management
Tracking satisfaction, perception, & other performance indicatorsPanel or Interviews
Determining sales force and detailing effectivenessPanel or Interviews
Understanding customer perception of key brandsPanel or Interviews

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