Testing product positioning and impact of Phase III data on drug uptake across three major markets

Business Challenge

The client is a biopharmaceutical company with a pipeline of cancer therapeutics, including a molecule in Phase III clinical trials. With limited knowledge of oncologists’ perceptions on the current and anticipated future of treatment landscapes in one particular indication in both the United States and Europe, the client needed to understand treatment patterns, perception of unmet needs, trial endpoint priorities, and potential adoption of the product in these two markets.

MedPanel Approach

We conducted five online discussions with a total of 12 US oncology nurses and 43 oncologists across the US, France and Germany to gain candid, robust feedback on current treatment paradigms and the challenges oncologists face with a limited array of undifferentiated treatments. Building upon the insights garnered from the panels, we conducted an online survey with 100 US and 100 EU oncologists to react to the probable Phase III results for our client’s pipeline product and predict potential uptake over the next three years. Oncologists were also asked to evaluate their perception of our client’s product in relation to currently available agents on various endpoints and attributes, leading to a product positioning map for both the US and EU markets.

Results & Impact

Our client had initially budgeted for a US and EU roadshow of live interviews and focus groups with oncologists and nurses. By taking much of this work online, we were able to reduce our client’s spend by 60% and free up several weeks of senior staff time. This research provided: 1) a realistic, balanced, and credible forecast of product use; 2) a foundation for more informed sales force sizing and planning; 3) an up-to-the-minute portrait of the market including unmet needs and product perceptions to be used in marketing strategy and product positioning; 4) insights into future trial design and the presentation of near-term trial results to evoke the greatest impact from the market. 5) data and insights used at the board of directors and investor presentation level; The Director of Market Development thanked us, noting: “Our presentation went extremely smoothly with the Board of Directors today, and the MR has been well received from BOD and potential external partners, as well.”

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