Identifying brand strategies for building a breast cancer patient support community

Business Challenge

The client is a large pharmaceutical company that provides a therapy used to treat metastatic breast cancer (mBC). They wanted to understand, from time of initial metastatic diagnosis to present day, the patient journey and unmet support needs in order to develop a comprehensive patient support program specifically for mBC patients.

MedPanel Approach

We conducted three online discussions and five interviews with mBC patients and caregivers of mBC patients. We assessed unmet needs, key challenges faced, and created an overall view of the patient experience to help our client understand their needs.

Results & Impact

We discovered that patients feel involved in treatment decisions and are able to acquire necessary education and information. Following the acceptance of their diagnosis, their needs are more physical-based, and include help with errands and transportation. Caregivers do not feel they have as strong a support network as patients, and could benefit from additional support and educational materials. Patients would benefit from regularly updated current events on mBC research.

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