We are seeking the best and the brightest medical professionals to join MedPanel’s community of experts

If you are a healthcare professional or decision maker, we invite you to join our community of experts so that you can participate and benefit in multiple ways.

Here are just a few of the reasons our panelists have joined us:

  • We pay an honorarium in recognition of your time and the value of your expert opinion
  • You will influence and advance medical science by providing your insights
  • You may have an opportunity to enjoy interaction with peers in online or in-person focus groups
  • MedPanel hosts one of the leading international healthcare panels of practicing physicians, hospital executives, reimbursement experts and other healthcare professionals whose expert opinions are sought after by drug, device, diagnostic, and healthcare IT companies around the globe, as well as by the financial, advertising, public relations, and publishing organizations that support them.

Custom recruitment of experts for your project

Are you looking for insight from a very specific set of experts? Caregivers for patients with a rare disease? Physicians working in a specific practice? Patients within a certain distance to a medical facility? We can help you reach them. We are happy to recruit outside of our community to reach the hardest-to-find market research participants with speed and accuracy.

How experts are selected for your projects

With your business objectives and criteria in hand, MedPanel’s experienced recruitment managers begin a rigorous screening process. We qualify and match the most appropriate experts by accessing our robust network to recruit for clients’ specific scientific, clinical, and market research objectives.

Are you an expert looking to participate in market research projects?

To learn more and to join our community of healthcare professionals and decision makers, please visit our community registration page by clicking the “Join our Community” button below.

Testimonials from our MedPanel Community

SVP, Quality and Patient Safety at large East Coast Health Network

“I just wanted to thank you and MedPanel for including me on your consultation list for healthcare issues in 2013. I enjoy sharing my experiences with the hope to help your customers help us improve healthcare and lower costs.”

CFO for a large Academic Medical Center in the Nation’s Capital

“I find participating in MedPanel surveys very stimulating and keeps me sharp. I enjoy the challenging & engaging dialogue of these panels.”

CFO from hospital in Western US:

“Working with Med Panel is easy and convenient.  It provides insight into current top of mind healthcare issues and gets me thinking about better ways of doing things.”

Oncologist at Academic Medical Center St. Louis:

“Very professional and efficient operation. I would certainly recommend to those interested in pursuing these opportunities. “

 Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is open to physicians, nurses, hospital executives, scientists, pharmacists, managed care executives, regulatory experts, and health professionals located both in the United States and internationally. Your registration confirms your interest in receiving electronic invitations to our market research engagements.

MedPanel maintains a vast network of experts interested in receiving invitations for paid opportunities for participation in healthcare-related surveys, online panel discussions, phone interviews, advisory boards, and in-person meetings and focus groups.

Click on “Join Our Community” to fill out the MedPanel registration form.

To participate in MedPanel’s market research opportunities, you will be asked for personally identifiable information such as your name, email address, and medical license number. We will use this information to contact you, as well as use the address you provide to pay you for your participation. You will also be asked to provide information about your credentials, specialty and academic affiliation. By filling out the registration in full, you will help us determine which projects are most applicable for your participation, and you will likely to be contacted more frequently.

Once you are in our network you will receive invitations to surveys and other market research engagements that may be relevant to your expertise. Participation in each individual study is voluntary and you are never under any obligation to participate.

Selection of participants is contingent upon our research sponsors’ requirements, which are based on specific criteria for each study. Although we will invite members of our community to participate in projects based on the information you provide us at registration, we have a short screening process at the beginning of the project before inviting those who are best suited to the actual study.

Our studies are usually open for up to 7 days, but to ensure participation in our studies, it is best to respond within the first 24-48 hours of receiving an invitation.

Your personally identifiable information will never be revealed without your written permission. The information we provide clients from surveys is provided in aggregate; thus, your answers are not tied to your identity. We carefully follow the market research code of ethics outlined by well-respected market research authorities that provide clear guidelines for collecting personally identifiable information and market research data.

MedPanel works with biopharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic companies as well as financial groups, advertising agencies, public relations, and major health publishers who are seeking expert opinions from healthcare professionals and patients. The data you provide can be used to help clients determine how to market a new drug, to assess images for an advertising campaign, or to understand how a drug might be used “off label.” MedPanel’s data is safely stored on our proprietary servers.

The honorarium you will be offered is based on the length and complexity of the engagement. You will be paid approximately 8 weeks after the close of the study. You will be paid in the currency of your country unless otherwise requested by you. In the United States, you will be issued a Form 1099 if your cumulative payments amount to $600 or more over the course of the 12 month tax year beginning January 1st. MedPanel is not responsible for any taxes and cannot provide you with tax advice. A list of the honoraria you receive from MedPanel is listed on your profile page. If MedPanel suspects fraud, we can cancel your honorarium payment at any time.

If you decide to unsubscribe you can call MedPanel at (617)-532-5700, send a fax to (617)-532-5799, or send an email to support@medpanel.com and put the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

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